No Mosquitoes = No Dengue!

Dengue is A Dangerous (and Painful!) Disease

The state of dengue in Singapore is the most serious in many years. 9 People have already died this year and we’re still in the midst of the epidemic, so it’ll get much worse before it gets better. Please keep your family safe.

Not many people know that dengue hemorrhagic fever is also known as the bone break disease. The reason? Dengue fever is an extremely painful disease because when infected, the bone marrow’s normal function is suppressed – resulting in low platelet counts and internal bleeding. In most severe cases death may result.

Do The 5-Step Mozzie Wipeout!

Our National Environment Agency (NEA) has been doing a great job in terms of keeping track of the dengue clusters and setting up posters/banners to warn residents living in the area – they even have a Facebook Page called Stop Dengue Now!

Fortunately people are becoming vigilant and doing the “5-Step Mozzie WipeOut” to stop mosquitoes from breeding. But what about breeding areas outside your home and how do you stop the female Aedes mosquito from coming into your house?

Magnetic Insect Screens?

Maybe you can close all your windows – that’ll work. But it’ll surely result in a hot & stuffy home.
Or you can choose what many of our customers do: Install Invisible Magnetic Insect Screen / Window Mesh over windows so air continue to flow freely while mosquitoes (and as a bonus, other insects and lizards too!) are kept out.

Here is an example of what Ms D of Bedok had done for her home.

Kitchen Yard – can u see the Insect Screen?

Magnetic Insect Screen (window mesh) is also installed on the upper panels

Invisible Magnetic Insect Screen = Invisible Shield!








With the InsectOut Magnetic Insect Screen (window mesh) installed, now Ms D have peace of mind …and fresh air too!