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Lizards Are Scary

For most people, lizards are just harmless creatures that lurk in dark corners in the house. In fact fairly useful creatures that gobble up the mosquitoes, flies and other insects and pests. But for some – the very thought of knowing that there’re lizards in the house strikes chill and fear deep into their hearts! Even causing them to be debilitated. This is terrible, the house is meant to be a home. It is a place to feel safe and a place to relax, refresh and recharge.

So Hot & So Stuffy at Home When Windows Are Closed

So what then usually happens is that all windows are closed, all doors shut.  And every position place where the “alien” can come in is blocked. Resulting in a hot and stuffy home – affecting not just the person suffering from herpetophobia (fear of reptiles like lizards, snakes etc). And also other family members. Degrading the quality of life!

We meet many of these people and have come to conclude that the fear of lizards is more common than most people realized. And this is because they’ve realized that our Invisible Magnetic Insect Screen (Window Mesh) is a very effective “Lizard Screen”. When installed properly, it can block out lizards (bonus: mosquitoes, flying cockroaches, flying termites, flies and other insects). And allow them to keep the windows opened. So there’s still fresh air circulating in the house.

Magnetic Insect Screens?

When installed, the InsectOut Invisible Insect Screen (Window Mesh) “becomes” part of the window – providing a 24/7 invisible shield (“magicseal”) to block out all these “uninvited (& unwelcomed!) guests”. And at the same time allowing fresh air to flow and circulate.

And equally important – the family benefits too. So it’s happiness and smiles all round.

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If you fear/dislike lizards (and is in Singapore), you may wish to consider installing our effective and inexpensive (cheap!) magnetic insect screen (window mesh, flyscreen). To get a Budgetary Quote, please send photos to us at WhatsApp 82429595