Keeping Kitty Safe!

Keeping Your Cat Safe

It is said that “Cats Choose Us, We Don’t Own Them”, and indeed there’s so much truth and wisdom in this sentence.

But whether we own cats or they choose us, one of the biggest challenges and concerns that cat owners have is to keep our beloved cats safe in our high rise home here in Singapore, whether HDB or condo; even landed houses.

And so it’s so scary and sad to have irresponsible not keep their house safe when keeping cats – especially when we see the cats innocently hanging out at the edges of windows, kitchen yards and even clothes hanging poles.

And this is why the Cat Welfare Society, SPCA and (almost) all cat fosterers require the cat owner to mesh up the windows in their homes – to provide for a safe environment.

Magnetic Insect Screens

Here at InsectOut, we’ve seen many cat owners install our insect screen (window mesh) over their window (with grills please!) to provide the needed safety for their cats. With grills, our solution will work very well because the window grills provide the backing so the cat is unable to push the insect screen (window mesh) over the ledge.

Be a responsible pet owner! So if you own a cat (or had been chosen by your cat) – you can consider installing InsectOut’s Magnetic Insect Screen (window screen) over your existing window grills to provide the cat mesh for your beloved kitty. Our solution is effective, inexpensive (cheap!) and is invisible from a distance beyond 2m, and best of all – allows air to flow.


PS: We have also seen some dog owners install our mesh so they can keep the windows open while at work.

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