Keep Out Those Pesky Birds! 🦅

Many birds are beautiful and sing with a lovely voice. However, many birds that live in Singapore are nuisance to our living environment.

In places such as Hougang, Ang Mo Kio, Sengkang, Woodlands, Eunos and Tampines, they nest on nearby trees, making unbearable noise and sometimes flies into our home for a free meal and water. It’s so irritating and so difficult to chase them away because they keep coming back.

The best method to keep these pesky birds (usually mynah, sometimes pigeon) away for good is to remove their food sources and even to close our windows. But these may not be good solutions because closing windows will cause our homes to be hot and stuffy.

What some of your neighbours have resorted to do is to install magnetic insect screen (window mesh) over their kitchen window. These screens are invisible and allow fresh air to flow freely while blocking out these birds.

They’re a good and effective and something you can consider if you have this “pesky bird” issue.  More info including videos, photos and others can be found on our Facebook Page.

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