Flying Cockroach, Yucks! Let’s Keep Them Out!

Why Do Cockroaches Come Into Your Home?

Cockroaches are disgusting but the flying ones are the worst! 🤯😲😡

Cockroaches visit your home for food and water (and not because they like you!). This is the reason why the most vulnerable places at home is the kitchen & bathrooms.Β  Keep food carefully packed away and keep the bathrooms dry and you will see less (and hopefully no more) cockroaches!

And yet it is not uncommon to have them flying into our homes here in Singapore. Doesn’t matter whether we’re staying in a flat, a condo or even landed houses. Especially at night when we go to the kitchen to get something to eat. Or on “fumigation day” when rubbish chutes are fumigated – sending these irritating pests to fly all over the place – and scarily into our house.

So What Can We Do?

There are many products available to bait, kill and destroy cockroaches. From mothballs to keep them away, insecticides to kill them and even traps that promises to lure and then kill the whole nest. And of course, if all else fails, you can always use the service of a pest control company.

All of these works, the only problem is: the cockroach is already in your home. Is it possible to keep cockroach out? The quick answer is Yes: magnetic insect screens (window mesh, mosquito netting).

Magnetic Insect Screens

This is why your “smarter” neighbours install the InsectOut Magnetic Insect Screen (Window Mesh, flyscreen). When installed onto your windows, the insect screen “becomes” part of your window, blocking out flying cockroach (and mosquito, lizard, flies, bees and other creepy crawlies) while allowing air to circulate. The mesh gives them peace of mind, and many of them have told us that this is their best investment in their house.

If you fear, dislike cockroach (especially flying cockroach), checkout of Facebook Page ( and feel free to contact us. To get a Budgetary Quote to mesh up your home (to keep the flying cockroach out), take photos of your windows and send to WhatsApp 82429595.

Keep flying cockroach out – they are not welcomed!


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