FAQ: Everything You Want To Know About Magnetic Insect Screens | Window Mesh

About Our Magnetic Insect Screen | Window Mesh | Flyscreen

What is Your Magnetic Insect Screen | Window Mesh | Flyscreen?

Our Magnetic Insect Screen (aka Mosquito Netting, Window Mesh) is an innovative solution that installs over your existing window. It provides a magicseal and effective to block mosquitoes, cockroaches, bees, all type of insects and even lizards. However, it will allow air and light to come in so that you continue to have good ventilation and lighting in the house. Many of our customers also use our window mesh for the safety of their cats – with support from fosterers from Cat Welfare Society.

The Magnetic Insect Screen is set up via a “permanently temporary” magnet strip so that it does not affect/destroy your existing window frame. It is designed to blend into the background so it is effectively invisible. This effective and low cost (cheap!) product allows you to have a high quality of life without worrying about mosquitoes, lizards or other insects in your house. It is easy to remove for cleaning (just spray/clean with water and detergent). No mozzies means no worries of Dengue or Zika!

Other Uses of Magnetic Insect Screens

Some use it to keep lizards out (very common!), others to stop flying cockroaches (yucks!) from coming into the house. We also have customers who install our insect screen to stop insects like midges, flying termites and bees that frequently fly into their house. Some other customers have used our window mesh to keep birds, bats and even feathers (more specifically: pigeon feathers) and ashes from floating into the house.

We have helped many cat owners who install our Insect Screen to keep their cat safe in highrise HDB & condo. Our insect screen is accepted by Cat Welfare Society fosterer and SPCA too! Yes you can! In fact many of our customers install our window mesh to keep their cats safe. For this purpose, they only install the mesh on those windows where their cats like to look at. This is a very cost effective way of using our window mesh.

Our customers who adopted their cats from the Cat Welfare Society confirmed that our Window Mesh is accepted by their fosterers.  Our Magnetic Insect Screen can be installed for 99% of all window sizes. The customization of the screen size is done at the time of installation for the perfect fit.  Our Magnetic Insect Screen | Window Mesh can be fitted on any window frame or grilles or security bars.

It is suitable for most window types: sliding, push-out casement, louvres, top-hung.

How Does It Work?

Our Magnetic Insect Screen uses a strong 3M adhesive that can be securely affixed on nearly all types of surfaces. This  includes: aluminum alloy, PVC, plastic, steel etc (does not work on walls). Our magnetic insect screen is made of Quality and Durable materials, that are washable, hardly visible (aesthetics) and do not rust or shrink.  It comprises:

(1) fibreglass mesh – durable, washable. 18 x 16 thread-count per square inch, ie. 288 holes per square inch.  Holes are small enough to keep out pests and big enough to allow maximum airflow.

(2) PVC strips – made from “brand-new” plastics raw material that is more durable and has a more shiny finish appearance (vs cheaper “recycled” plastics with impurity that is brittle and more matt)

(3) magnet – long-lasting, made from new-generation of permanent magnetic powder, the same type of magnets used for your fridge door!

(4) Industrial strength 3M tapes for strong adhesion.  Can adhere to smooth surface of aluminium alloy, steel, glass and others.  Can tear off without leaving sticky traces. The 3M adhesive tape is pasted on the window frame to provide a substrate so that the magnetic wire mesh window frame can stick to the window frame. Our magnetic wire mesh window frame is held secured together using grooved magnetic stripe interlocked into the window frame to ensure permanent interlock. This makes our Magnetic Insect Screen to be 100% washable – unlike our competitors whose magnetic window frame is held together by adhesive tape (will disintegrate if touches water).


Will the Rubber Magnet Get Distorted After Long Use?

Will the Magnets Fall Off Due to Demagnetization? We use good quality ferromagnetic rubber magnet that will not lose their shape for 10+ years under normal home use condition. These magnets are manufactured in such a way that they will not lose their magnetism, even over long (10+ years) of use.

Our magnets are manufactured in China to world class quality. The adhesives used to stick the ferromagnetic rubber magnet to the window frame is from 3M.


Will ventilation or brightness of my house be affected after installing your Magnetic Insect Screen?

Not really. The black fibreglass window mesh appears invisible from any distance further than 2m – this is why we do not bring in other colours (example: white, grey, green) for both day time and night time. If the window mesh becomes dusty (say after 2 months), you may see dust on it. To return it back to its original/new state – simply remove the Magnetic Insect Screen from  your window and wash it with mild detergent – then it will be good as new.

For ventilation, normal airflow is not affected and air will be able to move freely in and out of your house. In fact, this is the main reason why our customers install our Magnetic Insect Screen: to be able to keep the windows open while keeping the mosquitoes, lizards, flying termites, flying cockroaches and other creepy crawlies out.

If you live on a high floor and gets strong winds, you may find the wind to be less strong – our customers find this to be a benefit.


How Long Can the Magnetic Insect Screen Lasts? 

What if parts are spoilt (eg. window mesh torn)?Our Magnetic Insect Screen is designed to last for years under normal use.

If for any reasons any of the parts is spoilt (eg. mesh is torn), reach out to us! Our system is component based and most of the time – only the broken parts need to be replaced.


How do I Clean the Magnetic Insect Screen | Window Mesh | Flyscreen?

Cleaning is easy as 1-2-3.   We suggest using a damp/wet lint-free cloth/microfibre cloth / soft brush (with some detergent) to wipe the mesh when it gets dusty (usually longer than a month. You can also use a vacuum cleaner (use brush head if possible) to clean it up.

General cleaning will not affect the magnetism.


How is Your Magnetic Insect Screen better than the (cheaper) velcro insect screen / flyscreen

The quick answer is that our is much longer lasting and can be detached from your window for easy washing/cleaning.

Some of our customers first used (much cheaper) velcro-based insect screens to keep mosquitoes out of their homes. These velcro based insect screens / flyscreens worked well as a “permanent” barrier to stop mosquitoes from coming into the house while allowing free flow of air. However, after 2 months or so – the insect screen gets dirty because of dust gathering on the window mesh.

When this happens, it is a big chore to remove the mesh for washing and the feedback from our customers is once removed, the window mesh cannot be properly set up again. And then a new set of mesh has to be bought once again.

Many of our customers chose our MAGNETIC Insect Screen | Window Mesh to overcome this problem because it is cheaper over the longer term (years!) to buy something that costs a little more but can be easily cleaned.


What is the Wind Clip / Holding Clip to be installed along the frame of the Magnetic Insect Screen for?

All our Magnetic Insect Screen | Window Mesh comes with a set of wind/holding clip. They should be set up at the upper one-third of the Magnetic Screen.

Why? Their function is to hold/retain the Magnetic Insect Screen in place when you lift the screen open from the bottom.


What is the difference between your Magnetic Insect Screen (window mesh, mosquito net) and Invisible Grills?

They are installed for different reasons. Invisible grills are excellent to prevent young children from accidentally falling out from windows. Our Invisible Magnetic Insect Screen’s main function is to block out insects (mosquito, flying cockroach, lizards and others).

For cat owners, if invisible grills are chosen, the gap between the cables should be less than 2.5inch to ensure that your cat cannot squeeze through . However, some condos do not allow for invisible grills to be set up so closely, so please check with  your condo. As for our Invisible Magnetic Insect Screens, many cat owners choose us because it acts as a barrier for their cat and also blocks out all the creepy crawlies. However, this is dependent on the temperament of your cat. If yours is a “commando cat”, this may not be suitable.