Holy Bats! — Why Are They Flying Into Our Homes?

Even though Singapore is a city, there’s so much wildlife amongst us. Think otters, the jungle fowls, wild boars and even snakes! What people do not realize is that we have many bats living amongst us too.

Being the only mammal that can achieve full flights, these nocturnal creatures are actually very good for us, flying around in the evenings and nights eating up insects and other creepy crawlies and resting during the day in trees, under dark corners of buildings, and increasing now – as we noticed – under the solar panels now being installed by HDB all over the island.

HDB Solar Panels @ AMK

We’re seeing more bats in our HDB estates because the newly installed solar panels provide a good hiding place

Whereas we want to co-exist and live peacefully with these furry creatures, sometimes they intrude into our homes, causing unnecessary anxieties, scares and much stress.

Since last year (2018), we’ve received enquiries from quite a few customers normally staying on the top 2 floors from HDB estates such as Punggol, Sengkang, Ang Mo Kio, Tampines, Bukit Panjang). And they asked: is our magnetic insect screen is able to block these flying creatures out.

The quick answer is Yes – and in a animal & environmental friendly way.

How? By providing an invisible shield across the opened windows – continuing fresh air to enter, but “appearing” as a wall to the sonar from these furry creatures – that they’ll not fly into!

We’ve happy to report that this had proven effective – and our customers shared that they no longer have “uninvited” bats flying into their homes. And more than that, they also reported that our insect screens (window mesh) blocks out mosquitoes, flying termites, flying cockroaches and other insects.

And the only thing our insect screens don’t block out?  Fresh flowing free air.

Happy customers?  …. we like!