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An effective way to keep out lizards, cockroaches, mosquitoes, insects and even birds & bats!


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Our Magnetic Insect Screens have been installed in thousands of homes (HDB, condo, landed) all over Singapore since 2017. And we’re especially happy that so many are referrals from friends & family 🏡👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 !

Our window mesh installs over most existing windows (or grilles), gates — providing an “invisible shield” to keep out lizards, flying cockroaches, flying termites, mosquitoes, bees and even mynah birds and bats. 🦎🦟🐝🐞🦅🦇👽👾

Our customers tell us that we’re friendlier & has better price. Do check out what they say in the 280+ Google & Facebook reviews too!


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300+ Reviews on Google and Facebook!

Key Benefits

👍 EFFECTIVE. Magicseal the perimeter of your windows. Keep out mosquito, midge, cockroach, lizard, bee, bird, bat, cigarette butt, ash. Keep family safe from Aedes mosquito, dengue, Zika. When installed over existing window frame or grilles, keep your cat safe too!

👍 Suitable for ALL window types, CUSTOM-MADE for all sizes. Aluminum window frame, wrought iron grills, sliding window, casement window, louvre bathroom/toilet window and even grilled gates and balcony. for HDB, Condo, Landed.

👍 INVISIBLE mesh. Won’t affect interior design (see our Facebook/website for photos). Allow ventilation and free airflow, sunlight into room.

💰 SAVE MORE. This is a good one-time affordable investment. No need to keep buying mosquito repellent, or waste time swatting mosquitoes.

💪 DURABLE wire mesh, made of fiberglass (not thin nylon curtain fabric). Wash 💦 or vacuum, last many years. Mesh screen “snap” back into magnetic frame easily/quickly (not like velcro that is harder to put back and easier to drop off). Scratch proof, doesn’t catch fire (like cloth)!

💪 EASY TO MAINTAIN.  For day to day use, just wipe with wet lint-free microfibre cloth or vacuum to remove any dust. For spring cleaning, just remove the insect screen window mesh from the window and give it a good rinsing (with or without detergent OK) before installing it back onto the window to air dry it (just like aircon filter)!

🔒 SECURE. Mesh is secured between interlocking “grooved” magnetic strip and “grooved” PVC strip. Patent design. Providing a magicseal.

💪 NOT PERMANENT. Magnetic strip on your window grill/frame can be peeled out neatly and you can REINSTATE your rental unit when lease is up.

💪 QUALITY Magic Seal, but only spend a fraction of the money 💰

💖 Sharing is Caring.

👀 watch out for other fly screen products that use adhesive/tape to paste/glue mesh between “flat” PVC and “flat” magnet (instead of our interlocking “grooved” system). “Same Same but different” in the long run, especially after washing

Let’s Stop Mosquito From Come Into Our Homes!

** 16-Sep-2022. NEA has reported that this year’s dengue season is one of the worst ever, with >26,000 cases to date, several times more than the 5258 logged for the whole of last year (2021). And though NEA is doing their best to share/educate information with all of us; not many is aware of how dangerous (and painful!) dengue is. To avoid being infected, we suggest that everyone follows recommendations from NEA. You can also use this tool from Straits Time to find out if you’re living in a dengue cluster.

** 19-Aug-2021. With the rainy season starting again, we’re once again starting to see more areas being designated as red Dengue zone. While our government is slowly returning our life to normalcy by treating the Covid-19 situation from pandemic to endemic, the dengue danger remains  (just that it’s not so much in the news!). Please take care, follow NEA’s guidance on the 5-Stop Mozzie Wipeout to stay safe!

**15-March-2021. Dengue season is starting again. We’re getting more requests from customers at Jalan Mata Ayer in Sembawang, Potong Pasir Woodleigh, Tiong Bahru and even Punggol Sengkang where the NEA’s Dengue Cluster banner had gone up. Cases seems to be increasing rapidly. Please follow NEA’s guidance to do the 5-Step Mozzie Wipeout to keep your family safe!

No More Lizards!

**19-August-2021. We get asked very often how to keep lizards out/away from homes, and many websites offer suggestions, such as this one from All in all, just remember that lizards come into your home mainly in search of food. So if you remove their possible food (ie. spiders, insects or even food scraps) – the chance of them visiting your home is lower. Remember also that lizards dislike strong smells, so one possible way to deter them is to use fragrant aromatherapy or essential oil / sprays along the routes that they come in (ie. gaps under main door) and of course, gaps along bathroom windows if you do not have insect screens installed.

**15-July-2021. Do you know that lizards like to hide along the corridor lights? A customer shared this helpful information after being shocked by seeing a family(!) of lizards slithering out from the light outside her home. How to fix it? If you’re brave, just silicon or masking tape the sides of the lights. If you’re like the majority (ie. not so brave!), spray the area with insecticides or anti lizard sprays. It helps!

Go Away You Cockroach!

**15-March-2021. A customer shared a very good idea with us a few weeks ago: before moving into her newly renovated resale HDB flat, she engaged pest control service to fumigate her home and followed up immediately with installing our magnetic insect screens. What an excellent idea – something you can consider if you’re moving into your newly renovated resale flat – especially if it’s in a matured estate like Tampines, Bedok, Pasir Ris, Clementi, or even Toa Payoh or Bishan!

**1-July-2020. People seem to think that only low rise flats have cockroach problems – they’re wrong! We’ve helped customers who live (all the way up) at 43 floor mesh up their windows to block out this irritating pest. So if you’re bothered by cockroach, especially flying cockroach, you may wish to consider our magnetic insect screen. It works!

**3-April-2020. Remember to seal your rubbish chute and close your windows on HDB fumigation day! HDB and our Town Council does a very good job by regularly fumigating the rubbish chute chamber to get rid of all the pests, especially cockroaches. And they’re very considerate to post notices on side of lifts and also community notice boards. For those of us who dislike cockroaches, it is critical to tape up your chute. And not just the sides – even the handle area too.  Check out this blog from a happy mummy who wrote: The Problem With Bin Chute and Fumigation – Solved!