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See How Invisible Our Magnetic Insect Screen (mosquito net) is!

Introducing Magnetic Insect Screen | Window Mesh 

One effective (cheap!) and low cost way to stop mosquitoes from coming into your home is via the use of (fibre glass mesh) insect screen over opened windows. Our “Magnetic Insect Screen” (aka Window Mesh, Fly Screen or Mosquito Screen, Mosquito Net) will provide a magicseal to your home effectively, keeping mosquitoes out. Working non-stop as an “invisible shield”. 24/7. Not just mosquitoes, we keep lizards, cockroach, bees, spiders and other insects out as well. Even pesky mynah and pigeon bird!

Our solution is a patented Fibre-glass Mesh Screen secured together using interlocked grooved magnet and PVC strips, to form a complete seal around the windows. This works for almost all windows (HDB, Condo, landed)..

With InsectOut’s Magnetic Insect Screen, your windows are magically seal so you can leave your windows open with full peace of mind, knowing your homes is protected from Aedes mosquitoes. Say “Goodbye” to using toxic insecticide, or using anti-mosquito patches, when at home.

Many of our customers staying at high rise HDB or condo apartments who are cat owners also use your window mesh to keep their cats safe.


Since 2017, we’ve helped so many families install our magnetic insect screen (insect screen, mosquito net), whether it’s to keep lizard, flying cockroach, mosquitoes, bees, birds or other pests out, or to keep the precious kitty safe.

Our customers include new couples building their first home together at HDB BTO flats, parents with young children, families living in condo and landed properties and even some commercial companies such as pre-schools, F&B establishments and commercial building and factories.

Our installers are qualified, experienced and local Singaporeans! Dedicated, professional with great service attitude; you know that you’re in good hands and can be assured of professional workmanship when you choose us.

Check out our many reviews on Google and Facebook.

For a Budgetary Quote, please send photos of your windows to us at WhatsApp 82429595.

Key Benefits

👍 EFFECTIVE. Magicseal the perimeter of your windows. Keep out mosquito, midge, cockroach, lizard, bee, bird, bat, cigarette butt, ash. Keep family safe from Aedes mosquito, dengue, Zika. When installed over existing window grills, keep your cat safe too!

👍 Suitable for ALL window types, CUSTOM-MADE for all sizes. Aluminum window frame, wrought iron grills, sliding window, casement window, louvre bathroom/toilet window and even grilled gates and balcony.

👍 INVISIBLE mesh. Won’t affect interior design (see our Facebook/website for photos). Allow ventilation, sunlight into room.

💰 SAVE MORE. This is a good one-time affordable investment. No need to keep buying mosquito repellent, or waste time swatting mosquitoes.

💪 DURABLE wire mesh, made of fiberglass (not thin curtain fabric). Wash 💦 or vacuum, last many years. Mesh screen “snap” back into magnetic frame easily/quickly (not like velcro that is harder to put back and easier to drop off). Scratch proof, doesn’t catch fire (like cloth)!

💪 EASY TO MAINTAIN.  For day to day use, just wipe with wet cloth or vacuum to remove any dust. For spring cleaning, just remove the insect screen window mesh from the window and give it a good rinsing (with or without detergent OK) before installing it back onto the window to air dry it (just like aircon filter)!

🔒 SECURE. Mesh is secured between interlocking “grooved” magnetic strip and “grooved” PVC strip. Patent design. Providing a magicseal.

💪 NOT PERMANENT. Magnetic strip on your window grill/frame can be peeled out neatly and you can REINSTATE your rental unit when lease is up.

💪 QUALITY Magic Seal, but only spend a fraction of the money 💰

🔷 Please send photos of your windows to Whatsapp 8242-9595 for a Budgetary Quote.

✌️️ Visit our Facebook Page for the many videos, photos, useful info and reviews

💖 Sharing is Caring.

👀 watch out for other fly screen products that use adhesive/tape to paste/glue mesh between “flat” PVC and “flat” magnet (instead of our interlocking “grooved” system). “Same Same but different” in the long run, especially after washing

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  • 5 star review  Just meshed our door gate and we can finally open it without worrying that the cat might escape. 😁 Uncle Hussein is really friendly and patient as the work can be quite tedious. 👍 Both Mindy and uncle Hussein are helpful and I had a pleasant experience with them. Pricing wise it's affordable!

    thumb Chloe GH

    5 star review  Well done all i can say!!! Cheapest in town! Job is done whole heartedly. Satisfied customer!!!

    thumb Fahmy Bin Mohd Ibrahim

    5 star review  Very happy and satisfied with the product. It was easy to fix up and the invisible mesh is awesome, you wouldnt even know it is there. Customer support was fantastic and Mindy was very helpful too. Thank you so much

    thumb Judy Lim
  • 5 star review  I am now paranoid free knowing that my kitties are safe. Glad that I stumbled on this and have no regrets. TC, Amin and Hussein are very professional and accommodative. Thank you, guys!

    thumb Azlina Kas

    5 star review  Awesome product and great service. Keep up the great service. I'm getting more for rest of my rooms.

    thumb Sriram Sivakumar

    5 star review  Good product. The mesh Is hardly visible on the windows. Thanks for the clear instructions and useful tips for DIY.

    thumb Lisa Long Woon Sze
  • 5 star review  Awesome!!!!!. One of my best investment in my whole house . Just settle in my new house facing the greenery , in order not to have uninvited guests from the Hills & Greens ��i had meshed my whole house even the small windows in bathrooms . Lizards and inserts are not my best friends so I have to prevent their vist � And the before & after service was excellent I am amazed . Guys you all need this trust me before you invest anything else save your budget for that !!!�� Happy owner JLow �

    thumb Janet Low

    5 star review  Engaged InsectOut twice, first time for windows meshing & half gate meshing 5 months ago, and recently for full gate meshing. Both times a pleasant experience!Both times, the installers (Uncle Hussein and Amin) are very professional and did an excellent job! They are meticulous and did not rush to complete the assignment, aiming to do it to our satisfaction. Uncle Hussein tried his best to accommodate to my special requests (I asked for the mesh to be installed around my padlock, which made the task tougher than usual) and I'm really happy with the outcome!It was extremely easy to communicate with them via whatsapp, sending them photos and they would advise me from there. They are super helpful and reply really quickly!As for the magnetic mesh, it worked well for me to keep my cat safe indoors, and even after 5 months of usage, it's still in good condition! It double functions to keep out insects too~ Thank you once again for your excellent service! =)

    thumb Steph Xiaoyanz

    5 star review  Fast and efficient! Able to pick up my order within 1 hour of confirmation, with very clear instructions given on how to fix the mesh!Final results are good, works as intended. If you're handy and can DIY, this is a very affordable option indeed!

    thumb Janice Pang
  • 5 star review  Excellent work by Gordon. Tx Mindy for accelerating my request. Love u both! Now I am not worried abt my kitties!

    thumb Shidah Raz

    5 star review  Engage 2x for their excellent service. The magnetic window mesh is really a great help to keep the pest away.

    thumb Zulkifle Ibrahim

    Initially, due to budget i wanted to backoff the procure, however becuase of my fear of aliens, we proceed with it. TC and Mindy is super patience with me with some of the changes requested, again because of the budget. but its finally done. i have natural wind and no fear of alien attacks, God's Willing. Malek did a good job and TC even came to do some touched up and helped me to paste a"safety stickers" to the toilet's glass pane, that was installed by other contractor. phew.....many thanks to InsectOut.

    thumb Zel M Sher
  • 5 star review  Just had this installed for my home today! Am really happy with the product & their professionalism. Thanks Mindy, Amit & Amit's buddy! Highly recommended!

    thumb JR Dayel Joyel Tan

    5 star review  Regretted not getting to do it earlier! On tight budget cos I burst my reno fund, and keep pushing to few months later and not opening the windows for 2 mths � Enduring all the toxic fume frm the new carpentry and reno � Not opening the windows, but insect still mysteriously appear in my home. ��� I have no choice but to buy the DIY set online from some qoo10 seller and no reply from them , 0 customer service. It's not as easy as the video is ! (I'm not as talented as some of u guys out there.) Mindy is very patience with my ever ending question and the installer is very professional and good at it:) Pricing is reasonable too...New BTO owner please get your new nest netted up before creepy crawler start coming in ! Ewwww !

    thumb Ting Ting

    5 star review can be opened freely! I hate pests esp lizards. Recently bees has been flying around my estates. We were forced to keep our windows closed else they keep flying in. From the beginning via whatsapp, Mindy has been very responsive and patience to my queries. Then TC came for the site measurement; punctual with a smile despite some difficult questions given, he still remained composed and advise us accordingly. Today, Amin came for the installation. He has done a good job esp cracking his head on our gate which was considered complicated. In all, good service! Thumbs up!

    thumb Betty Cheong
  • Installed the mesh in living room, balcony, master bedroom. Now i can open windows wide without any fear of mosquitoes or insects. Great workmanship & professional conduct! Well done team!

    thumb Henry Lee

    5 star review  After referral from my friend who is a cat owner, decided to do the mesh for my windows for my new cat.Was very pleased with their service and installation. Just send them the window measurements and some pictures of the window, and they are very fast in replying your enquires such as price through WhatsApp.Installation was done by Amin. He was very professional and the installation was very well done.She tries to throw her body to the mesh because she saw a moth at the window, but the mesh holds well, but will recommend drawing the window grill still.

    thumb Huang Weiliang

    5 star review  Awesome product, highly recommended! Thanks Min for your patience in serving me! �

    thumb Wang Weirong

We’re Proud of Our Work – Thank You for the Opportunity! 

We’re proud of our work and had been very fortunate to receive the support of many customers all over Singapore to install our Magnetic Insect Screen / Window Mesh. Having done installation in many kinds of  homes/offices from HDB BTO to HDB resale to Condominium to landed houses and even childcare centres and other commercial offices.

Here’s a sample of the work we’ve done!

Let’s Stop Mosquito From Come Into Our Homes!

**1-July-2019. The dengue season seems especially bad this year. The total number of dengue fever cases to date for this year had already exceeded the total number from last year (2018). And there’s already been 5 tragic deaths. As we go about our work across Singapore, we’re seeing so many “Red Dengue Clusters”, whether it’s in Woodlands, Yishun, Bedok or Bukit Timah or Pasir Ris. Just like NEA, we urge everything to stop mosquito breeding in your homes. Do the “5 Step Mozzie WipeOut”.  For mosquito breeding outside your home that you cannot control, consider meshing up. Especially when you have the elderly, the sick or the young. It works.

**3-April-2019. Despite the rain in the last 2 days, our hot season continues and NEA reports that we can expect to have hot weather continue for the next few weeks. Whereas the rain brings a cool respite, it’ll give us some trouble because there’ll now be water puddles where mosquito breed. Please continue to stay vigilant and be careful. Do the NEA’s 5 Step Mozzie Wipeout so mosquito don’t breed. And remember that dengue is not any ordinary disease. it is very painful, has no cure and sometimes kill. Take care everyone!

**26-Feb-2019. The weather is getting so hot again and once again we read of more places being “dengue clusters” – this is terrible news because dengue is a very dangerous and painful disease and have already claimed a few victims this year. Please be extra careful to clear all stale water at home or near home to make sure that mosquito cannot breed. And if you have elderly or young children at home, a good way to block out mosquito is by installing our magnetic insect screen (mosquito net, window screen, flyscreen, window mesh). With our window mesh installed, you can confidently keep your windows open (for fresh air!) knowing that the mesh blocks on mosquito, flying cockroach, flies and other insects – and even birds and bats!

**10-Dec-2018. We are starting to read about new dengue clusters popping up. Everyone please be extra careful – this is the time of the year when it rains frequently and mosquitoes breed. We’re very happy to have helped more customers protect their family, especially those with young children.

**28-Feb-2017. Soon it’ll start to get hot again and the beginning of mosquito breeding season will begin. This is the time when we see the most dengue cases – hopefully not Zika also! So please be very careful to pour away all stagnant water in your house to stop mosquito breeding. And if you live near forested areas or construction sites, consider installing low cost (cheap!) insect screen / window mesh to provide a magic seal around your windows. In this way, you can still keep your windows open (and let fresh air in) while stopping mosquitoes from coming into your house. Yes – this will stop lizards, cockroaches, flying termites and other insects too.

**24-Jan-2017. The new year is upon us and so is the NorthEast monsoon season. The rain had been coming down relentlessly and the forecast is for this to continue all the way till after Chinese New Year. Not good. Much better to have sunny days. And even worse from a “mosquito perspective” is that this current weather creates the best conditions for mozzies to breed. So we must all continue to be vigilant is our fight against dengue & Zika to stop mosquito breeding (suggestion: 5 Step Mozzie Wipeout from NEA).

**20-Dec-2016. We’re so happy to read that the number of dengue cases is down this year and that Zika is no longer in the news – which is really good. Let us continue to be vigilant to keep both dengue and Zika away. However, we continue to see many customers installing our magnetic insect screen to provide that magicseal to keep insects, bees and even bird feathers (and of course mosquitoes) out! These are customers at HDB BTO flats in Punggol, Yishun, Clementi, Woodlands, Yew Tee and others.

Because our system is modular, many of these customers chose to install 1-2 insect screens first. And once they realize they can keep mosquitoes and other insects out with our window mesh, they come back to add our insect screen to all other windows they must keep open. It makes us so happy that our customers can protect their family’s health and comfort.

**17-Nov-2016. Before we know it, the rainy season at the end of the year is upon us. Though we feel cooler at this time, it’s also the time when mosquitoes breed quickly. Even though Zika and Dengue do not seem to be spreading fast now, it is still irritating to have mosquitoes in the house. Many of our customers have bought our DIY Magnetic Insect / Mosquito Screen (Window Mesh) and no longer have mosquitoes in their house. What a relief!

Keep Our Cats Safe!

** 1-July-2019. Thank you again to all the cat owners and fosterers (SPCA, Cat Welfare Society) for choosing us. It’s been a privilege to be able to help you and as a benefit – we get to see so many cats. With our strong fibre-glass mesh, your cat will not be able to tear, shred the mesh (though it may be able to break individual thread strands if it claws hard). But just to be safe, always better to have our mesh installed on existing window grills.

** 26-Feb-2019. “My favourite journey is looking out the window”. We are so happy to help Ms T (of Woodlands) mesh up her house windows. With her windows safely meshed up – her cats can now indulge in their favourite activity: looking out the window. Check out the Facebook Post here.

**10-Dec-2018. We’re very happy to help Lynda mesh up her 2-panel HDB gate. She has 2 playful cats who likes to wander out of her house – forcing her to close her door all the time. With the gate mesh installed, she can now keep her door open.  No wonder her cat is looking so grumpy here

**28-Feb-2017. Thanks to the fosterers from the Cat Welfare Society for OK-ing our window mesh to provide cat safety in high rise HDB flats. With the OK, Esmond from Sengkang can choose our cheaper window mesh to protect his cat at home.  *Meow*

**22-Feb-2017. It is really great to see more cat owners choosing our window mesh to keep their kitties safe. Recent installations included Clementi, Toa Payoh, Bedok and also Tampines. Many of these owners chose us after evaluating our product / service with our competition and found ours to be the most price competitive (cheapest!) for exactly the same product from “branded” vendors.   MagicSeal PeaceOn

More importantly, they had the fosterers from Cat Welfare Society to inspect their homes and OK our product. So if you are a new cat owner and you like a solution to keep your cats safe and yet allow her to look out the window, Call / WhatsApp us at  82429595!

**6-Feb-2017. Cat owners take note – if you live in a high rise apartment (HDB, condo) – our window mesh can also be used to keep your cats safe. SPCA and Cat Welfare Society in Singapore requires all owners to install window mesh in their homes to keep the kitties safe. Especially in Singapore where the majority of us live in HDB flats, this is a very important thing to do.

Owners used to buy aluminium and fibreglass mesh from DIY shops and tie them (using cable ties) to the windows and door openings. Whereas this is a good solution, the challenge comes when the mesh gets dirty and dusty: cleaning is a hassle. This is why cat owners have began to use our DIY magnetic window mesh to achieve the same result – keeping their cats safe at home. With our window mesh, cleaning is so much easier because our window mesh can be easily taken out from the window frame for cleaning and washing.

So now, you no longer have to worry when your kitty prefers the window view!

Magicseal Peaceon DIYInsectScreen MagneticScreen MagneticInsectScreen RemovableInsectScreens Q0010

No More Lizards!

**1-July-2019. People don’t realize that a large part of our population really dislike (or “fear”) lizards. Out of every 100 customers we serve, more than 30 installs our magnetic insect screen (window mesh, mosquito net) to keep lizards out. So if you’re one of those that fears/dislikes lizards – do not feel alone, there are many like you. Lizard Haters … Unite!

**10-Dec-2018. “How come no one told us that there are so many lizards in Singapore?”, Sheela told us. She had just moved to Singapore with her husband from Australia. So fearful of lizards that she refers to them as “aliens”. We were able to help her mesh up her home to keep these “aliens” out so she can now have peace of mind. Thank you Sheela for choosing InsectOut!

**28-Feb-2017. So happy to help our customer at Yishun Shaughnessy cluster house do a magic seal around her windows on the 3 floors of her house. She really dislike lizards and unfortunately there are plenty around her house because it is a landed house and there’s lots of trees and flowers around. She searched and found several providers including Magicseal Peaceon and a few others. She eventually chose us because we provided products of similar quality at a much cheaper price. In her words “Now I can keep my windows open without worrying about lizards coming in”. We’re so happy that she is happy!

**6-Feb-2017. Many of our customers buy our window mesh to keep lizards out of their house. For some, lizards are cute little creatures useful in eating insects found at home. Yet for others, this is a creature loathed and feared. If you dislike lizards, talk to us and our DIY magnetic window mesh – a low cost (cheap!) and effective way to keep lizards out of your house. And out of sight.

Magicseal Peaceon DIYInsectScreen MagneticScreen MagneticInsectScreen RemovableInsectScreens Q0010

Go Away You Cockroach!

**1-July-2019. People seem to think that only low rise flats have cockroach problems – they’re wrong! We’ve helped customers who live (all the way up) at 43 floor mesh up their windows to block out this irritating pest. So if you’re bothered by cockroach, especially flying cockroach, you may wish to consider our magnetic insect screen. It works!

**3-April-2019. Remember to seal your rubbish chute and close your windows on HDB fumigation day! HDB and our Town Council does a very good job by regularly fumigating the rubbish chute chamber to get rid of all the pests, especially cockroaches. And they’re very considerate to post notices on side of lifts and also community notice boards. For those of us who dislike cockroaches, it is critical to tape up your chute. And not just the sides – even the handle area too.  Check out this blog from a happy mummy who wrote: The Problem With Bin Chute and Fumigation – Solved!

**26-Feb-2019. Ms S dislike cockroaches, especially the flying kind. “How can cockroach fly so high up?” Ms S tell us when we saw her. But somehow they (flying cockroach) still manage to reach up to her high floor unit. Forcing her family to keep the windows closed, resulting in a HOT & STUFFY Home. With InsectOut’s Magnetic Insect Screen (Window Mesh) now installed – she can rest easy…and breath easy too, with the cool constant refreshing breeze that flows thru her home, even with the mesh installed! Check out the Facebook Post here.